Birth Support


I offer this service for families who are interested in preparing for their birth experience with the assistance of labor support, but who do not wish to have an extra person present at the birth. This package includes one to two prenatal visits in your home, in which I will assist you and your partner in clarifying your preferences for the birth, creating your birth plan, practicing comfort measures and coping techniques for labor, and making preparations for the early postpartum period. We can also use this time for emotional support, nutritional support or guidance for how to incorporate children and family members into the birth process.

ON-SITE BIRTH SUPPORT: $900 - $1,200 sliding scale

One to two prenatal visits in the comfort of your home to discuss your preferences and vision for your birth, to practice coping strategies with you and your partner, and to get to know one another so that we all work comfortably together throughout your labor. For families planning a homebirth, this is also a time for me to get to know your children and/or other members of your birth team who will be present during your labor. My fee for your birth is $900 - $1200 sliding scale (depending on birth and financial need). Payment schedules can be arranged.

  • Ongoing emotional & informational support by phone, email or text throughout your pregnancy.
  • 24/7 On-call support starting at 38 weeks of your pregnancy until your baby is born.
  • Continual support for you and your birth partner(s) throughout your labor, as well as the immediate postpartum period (1-2 hours after the birth of your baby).
  • One optional postpartum visit in your home to process your birth experience, assist with breastfeeding, and to provide any needed support.

POSTPARTUM SUPPORT: $180 for 4 visits; $240 for 6 visits

I offer this service for families to provide emotional support, encouragement, information, referrals, and practical support after your baby is born, so that you can focus on caring for your newborn. This service includes things such as supporting your emotional health, physical recovery, confidence as a new parent, nutritional intake, yoga lessons geared toward the postpartum body, and breastfeeding establishment. We will set up a general schedule of when you'd like me to come by and what your needs are. We do this ahead of time and then make any changes necessary. The fee for this service is $180 for 4 visits; $240 for 6 visits.