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Melanie Green


It is a privilege practicing with Melanie

After practicing ashatanga yoga in the Bay Area for 10-years and never finding a teacher with whom I clicked, I finally found a home with Melanie Green. I have practiced ashtanga and pre- & postanatal yoga with Melanie over the past year and a half, and can't speak highly enough of her approach to all three styles. I appreciate Melanie's traditional presentation of ashtanga and her clear, direct, and soothing instruction. It is refreshing too, that Melanie does not introduce unnecessary distractions into the studio, such as music or incense, providing instead a minimalist environment that allows one to fully concentrate on the body and breath. Melanie was one part teacher and one part birthing partner during the 6-months of prenatal yoga classes that I attended, and it's true that she followed me in spirit into the delivery room. As a seasoned mother of two, she imparted a certain wisdom about the transition to motherhood that was to me unrivaled by any other source. Her customized stretches and strengthening exercises eased the aches and pains of pregnancy, and helped clear my mind as well. And after my son was born, Melanie's postnatal program worked wonders to smooth the kinks of a body yearning to return to normal. Her reverence for yoga is contagious, but comes with a light touch; for me, it is a privilege practicing with Melanie.

Kerstin Fischer

A yoga teacher for everyone

My Ashtanga journey began with Melanie about 8 years ago and thanks to her has evolved from a merely physical practice to embrace more spiritual elements as more of the Eight Limbs approach. She teaches with such immeasurable grace and equanimity that all things are possible and "all things are coming." Melanie is a truly marvelous teacher - accessible, kind and wonderfully insightful.

Lynn Yamashita

True teacher

I have practiced Ashtanga with Melanie for over two years now. She has been my guide. Truly caring, warm, funny, honest and knowledgeable. Melanie is really a teacher and perfect for all levels of practitioners.

Tom Leaver

My favorite yoga teacher

Melanie's classes are a unique and transformative physical and spiritual journey every time. She offers a consistently fluid and challenging class for all levels of yoga practitioners, creating an open, non-judgmental environment for all to explore their limits. She pays close attention to each student, respecting the limits of each individual body while using safe and accurate adjustments to encourage each to approach his or her edge.

Dzovag Minassian